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Payment structure
My fee is $90 per hour. I accept cash and personal checks.

Most résumés with a single cover letter range between $550-$850.

Why the range? There are two main reasons.
1) Like a custom tailored suit: The only fair way I have found to price my services is to charge by the hour. Mine is a custom business, not a volume business with a set price where I might be motivated to move clients in and out as fast as possible, ignoring or minimizing their individuality.

2) Time varies: Clients’ needs and their abilities to get organized for our first appointment can vary widely. Some arrive well prepared with all the documents on my list in good order and their PAR statements (see below) already written. Others need more help, including creating the PAR statements with me. Some need me to draw them out, and some have good self-understanding. Clients’ years of experience, as well as their abilities to describe themselves and their skills, can also vary.

Preparing for your first résumé session.

Résumé prep exercises
To get your résumé started in the right direction you have some homework to better prepare you for our first session. These two exercises will help me tailor the best possible résumé for you. Résumé prep worksheet

RÉsumÉ prep ~ Part 1: PAR Statements

Write several “PAR” (problem, action, results) statements. Don’t worry about your writing being perfect or your grammar correct. Just get the ideas down. I will do the rest of the work and weave your PARs into your résumé.

What is a PAR statement?
P = The Problem: Define a problem you have been faced with, not necessarily a negative, just some sort of challenge, preferably on the job.
A = The Action: Explain the action you took.
R = The Results: Measure the results everywhere you can. If you can’t measure them, at least describe them and what difference they made. Keep in mind some of the main reasons you get hired: to make or save money for the company, make things more efficient, or enhance public relations.

PARs are fun to do. Involve your friends and family members when putting PARs together. Sometimes people close to you remember details or even events that you might have forgotten. It is essential that you put the modesty our culture lays on us aside, at least for our work together. I tell my clients not to “get modest” on me or I cannot do my job as résumé writer. Think of PARs and résumé writing as telling your whole story if that helps you deal with the modesty issue.

“All employers want to hire problem solvers.”

Using PARs: Instantly gain the interviewer’s attention
An additional benefit of having a list of PARs written out happens during your job interview. When the interviewer, who is possibly untrained, says, “Well, (your name), tell me about yourself.” Most people feel like the proverbial deer in the headlights at that point. You, however, will be prepared to start the interview off right. Your answer could be, “Let me tell you about some problems I have solved.” Instantly you have the interviewer’s full attention. All employers want to hire problem solvers. You open the folder you brought with you and describe the PARs you have written. Yes, it is fine to bring notes. The interview is off to a smooth start, and you feel confident that you are well prepared. Keep in mind that the reason employers are interested in you is that they have problems they cannot solve with their current staff alone.

RÉsumÉ Prep ~ Part 2: Supporting Documents

Other helpful documents to bring:
• Old résumés
• Job performance evaluations or some notes that describe them
• A list of awards you have won
• Community service and volunteer work you have done
• Formal education, continuing education, and training
• Printouts of jobs you are interested in pursuing

The Process
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