I got the promotion!

I had the pleasure of working with Pam recently to give my 12-year-old résumé a face-lift. The first thing that was clear was that when writing about yourself it is hard to look at things from an objective perspective. Most people do not know how to present accomplishments properly. Pam taught me that it is important to clearly document the successes I had throughout the years. We had multiple sessions before the process was complete because I had to “do my research” to get my facts straight.
woman with custom resume folder
She helped me to determine what was important to include and what to leave out. She also provided much insight on how to utilize grammar and punctuation properly in a résumé. The end result was very therapeutic. I am thrilled that I now have a very clear view of the progress I have made throughout the years. Pam’s assistance with my résumé helped me land an exciting new job within my company. I am happy to endorse her to anyone who needs help getting an outdated résumé ready for today’s hiring managers. Thanks again!
~ Amanda Parsons, Technology Partner Manager

Career change

I am a massage therapist and needed to unexpectedly make a career transition because of an injury. I wanted to start nannying, but I had very limited experience and was concerned that potential employers would look at my résumé and dismiss me as too inexperienced. I had already benefitted from Pam’s thoroughness as a professional organizer, and I decided I needed her résumé writing skills. She talked to me in great depth, and on my résumé, she included both professional and extracurricular experiences that I would not have thought to include myself. Pam was able to look at my résumé through the eyes of a prospective employer, and by the time she finished, it looked fabulous. I was hired by a family with two children within a week!
~ Heather Ellsworth, Massage Therapist

Gap in employment history

Pam Condie was pivotal in assisting me to acknowledge my potential. Pam worked diligently with me to develop a résumé that reflected my experience and demonstrated my strengths to a future employer. She had the expertise to sort out the most valuable parts of my background as a professional engineer. Besides working with me on my résumé she was instrumental in coaching me on areas to focus on during my quest for fulfilling employment. I have on numerous occasions received compliments on the style and flow of my résumé. I appreciate her support and guidance and highly recommend her services.
~ Michael Felzien, Chemical Process Engineer

A boost to my self-confidence

To me, writing about myself feels threatening. Thus, writing my own résumé and marketing myself have always been a struggle. These problems were compounded by my taking several years off regular work to care for my aging parents, making my situation even more difficult to address. Pam helped me deal with these issues, bringing to bear her seasoned perspective to my job search. She had the expertise to help me zero in on my attraction to the nonprofit world and seeking a job that would promote causes I believe in. She has the talent and intuition to understand who I really am and the integrity to package potential negatives both honestly and positively. When I saw the finished résumé, my reaction was “Wow, I really do have something to offer!” She targeted my custom cover letters to specific companies, highlighting pertinent information from my résumé that would actually entice a reader.

The cost of my custom résumé and cover letters is an investment in my future. It was worth every penny.
~ Ann Arlington, Accountant

Looking my best

Over the years I have worked with Pam Condie during several career transitions. She has been very thoughtful and insightful with her ideas of forming a résumé that would attract the attention needed to land opportunities for interviews. While searching for employment and working with career groups I have found that other people were always impressed with the presentation and format of my résumé and would ask me how the résumé was developed. She has a flair for words and can use past experience to transition those experiences into strong transferable skills.
~ Michelle Erwin, Banker

I got into grad school!

Writing a résumé is a difficult and daunting task. Graduate-holding-sign Having someone take the first step in the process is very valuable. Pam drew new ideas and angles out of me and helped me see my accomplishments and history in a new light. She wrote the first of my three résumés when I was 17. I gave it to my high school guidance counselor whom I had asked to write me a letter of recommendation for college. The résumé made it easy for him. Pam was careful to neither overstate nor understate my accomplishments, finding just the right balance. I enjoyed brainstorming with her so that we could compose a coherent picture that flowed. She is both fun and easy to work with; she makes the process challenging yet manageable by working with small pieces that built my confidence so that we could complete the résumé successfully.

Later on, she helped me compose my graduate school application essays. Even though the two essays were markedly different from each other, I was accepted at both MBA programs. Now I have a creative and challenging job in Manhattan.
~ Alexander Fahrenbach, Business Development Director

Prepared for downsizing

I hired Pam to help me wade through a lot of information about myself and condense it onto a couple of pages. I needed someone well-organized, thoughtful and most of all, I needed a good listener without an agenda. Pam is all of these things and within a few days’ time, I came away with a great résumé. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an objective and focused writer.
~ Gigi Betta, Office Manager

A new job in midlife

After relocating to northern CA from Houston, TX I found as I began my job search that I did not have all the tools I needed in today’s job market. A mutual friend referred me to Pam Condie. I entered our first meeting insecure and unsure of my abilities but left feeling much clearer as to my direction, desires, and interests. At our second meeting, we completed my résumé and several cover letters. From the first weeks of June until September I marketed my skills with my new résumé. Based on the résumé alone, I was contacted by a recruiter for a position and was offered the job after the second interview. I could not have accomplished this without Pam’s guidance and belief in me at a time I could not see my own attributes. I would highly recommend her for any résumé/job seeking project you may have in front of you.
~ Jolene Bishop, Nurse Practitioner

Quick results

Over a period of several years, Pam prepared two resumes for me when I needed to change my job situations in San Francisco. In both cases at the job interviews, the new employers were so highly impressed that they hired me on the spot.
~ Eckhard Fahrenbach, Stationary Engineer

Catch the employer’s eye

My 25-year-old daughter has an advanced degree and was looking for a new job in the nonprofit world. After she had sent out her résumé to prospective employers for a year and received no response, I suggested she have Pam Condie rewrite her résumé. Within the first week of sending out the new résumé Pam wrote, my daughter had a job interview. We were both delighted. Pam’s expertise and knowledge of what employers are looking for in a résumé were a huge help.
~ Lori-Ann Gertonson, DC, Wellness Chiropractor

I appreciate who I am

Watching Pam interview a résumé client is like watching someone conduct a symphony orchestra. She has a knack for asking probing questions, helping clients dig deeper than they expected to. They then recognize the assets they did not realize they had. Pam put together a résumé for me that made me realize that I had a lot to offer.
~ Jean Douglas, Physician Assistant

I needed a résumé writer with experience

I needed a résumé writer with experience, respect for the wisdom of my years, a master of the art of camouflage without deception, practicality, flexibility with my tendency toward the unorthodox, good suggestions, an eye for layout, patience, and a willingness to let me override her decisions even though she knew she knows better. Pam has all of these qualities as well as a thorough knowledge and understanding of the business world; I now have a great résumé that bathes my varied background in the best light and effectively presents my skills in a most appealing way.”
~ Hester Lox, Professional Organizer

The Process
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