Beyond Résumés – Other Important Writings

Résumé writing is my core business, and it is also a strong basis for additional writing services that require exploration, focus and conciseness: Personal Statements, Graduate School Application Essays, and Eulogies.

Personal Statements

Perhaps you already have job you like or are self-employed. You might like to have something to hand clients, gallery owners or others you would like to have background information on you in print. I have prepared artists’ statements, single-page documents that describe an artist’s or craftsman’s history and body of work.

A real estate broker asked me to write a personal statement about her business and personal background to hand to her clients. Buying a house can be an emotional experience for the buyer or seller. Clients are often curious about their Realtor and would like to know more about him or her. This document tells them just enough.

Graduate School Application Essays

When people apply for graduate school entry they are frequently very busy with their present jobs and welcome help in putting together their histories, goals and reasons for applying. Here again emerges the difficulty about writing about yourself – being too close to the subject. A professionally prepared set of documents will give you a leg up against your competition for admission to graduate school.


A eulogy has parts similar to a résumé but with more intimate stories and possibly some humorous sections. Clients who value being prepared ahead of “need” have come to me for writing their own eulogies. What a caring, thoughtful gift to those left behind, to have an important part of a memorial service already taken care of! What would you want people to know about you after you have moved on to heaven?

Please contact me if you want to discuss any of my additional writing services.

The Process
Getting Started